Sno. Heading of article Source Author Article date
1 Economical Alternatives in SCM Software for SMEs the promise of free/opensource software MMR Dr. Sudhi Rao July 2005
2 Revolutionizing supply chain management through holistic Governance structures MMR William Ulrich July 2005
3 Master the art of logistics MMR R. CHANDRAKANTH July 2005
4 Logistics for Customer Satisfaction MatFlow Dr. Rajiv Gupta July 2005
5 Globalisation and its effects on SCM MMR Vijita S Agarwal May 2005
6 Materials Management – Profit Centre IIMM R V Ramakrishna May 2005
7 Success Stories in the Area of SCM MMR Ashok Sharma & Sarika April 2005
8 Power of outsourcing in SCM MMR Ashok Sharma April 2005
9 Growth in Logistics – An Overview MMR Prem Narayan April 2005
10 Supply Chain Demystified MMR Meenakshi Nissim April 2005
11 Supply Chain Management in India can we Organize them better MMR Prof. B.S Sahay April 2005
12 Prospects of SCM MMR N S Uppa March 2005
13 Performance Measures of SCM MMR R V Ramakrishna March 2005
14 From Logistics to SCM MMR S S Khanka Feb 2005
15 Dynamics of Supply Chain in Developing Nation MMR C P Jhamb Feb 2005
16 Supply Chain Management in the Fast changing time MMR Prof. Rupesh Goel Feb 2005
17 Globalization and its Effect on Supply Chain Management MMR Mrs.Vijita S Aggarwal Dec 2004
18 Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Corporate Competitive MMR Dr. Naval Karrir Dec 2004
19 Quest for Excellence in Management MMR S C Verma
G Pratap Reddy
Dec 2004
20 Modeling Logistics for Value Maximization MMR Tejinder Sharma
Dr. Satish Kapoor
Dec 2004
21 An Automated Materials Management System – Experience in NHPC MMR Digvijai Nath, NHPC
Nov 2004
22 Supply Chain Management and the Total Cost Concept MMR Ms. J Subramanian
Ms. N Sud
Oct 2004
23 Environmental Supply Chain Management MMR Dr. Sarika Kulkarni Oct 2004
24 Supply Chain Strategies MMR Lt.Gen.D V Kalra
Oct 2004
25 Customer Centric Materials Management IIMM June 2004
26 In-Plant Logistics : Key to the success of a lean enterprises MMR Dr. Rajiv Gupta
MatFlow Systems
June 2004
27 Internet Enabled Supply Chain Management MMR S L Das
B Kumar
Shalendra Kumar
M Ramakrishnan
June 2004
28 Web-based procurement systems: Intention of adoption by Portugese organizations IFPSM Antonio Manuel Soares Aguiar
Antonio Palma dos Reis
29 Supply chain management framework: dimensions and development stages IFPSM Krisztina Demeter
Andrea Gelei
30 Understanding ICT management in small transport and logistics service providers IFPSM Pietro Evangelista 2003-2004
31 Competitiveness: A match between value drivers and competencies in the Hungarian automotive supply chain IFPSM Andrea Gelei 2003-2004
32 The concept ‘Total Value of Ownership’: A case study approach IFPSM Krisje Hurkens,
Finn Wynstra
33 The effect of strategy on the use of supply chain management tools – exploratory survey in the Hungarian automotive industry IFPSM István Jenei
Krisztina Demeter
Andrea Gelei
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35 Conceptualization of developing partnerships in supply networks: The role of social networks in partner selection IFPSM Tuija
Liisa Pohja
36 Analysing the impact of internet based technologies implementation processon the relations in a supply chain context: an explorative research design IFPSM Lelio Raffa 2003-2004
37 Unraveling the complexity of the organizational adoption of electronic procurement:A direction for future research IFPSM Marc R.B. Reunis
Sicco C. Santema
38 Information sharing in Buying Supplier relationship IFPSM Pierluigi Rippa 2003-2004
39 Unfair division of gains under equal price in cooperative purchasing IFPSM Fredo Schotanus a
Jan Telgen a
Luitzen de Boer
40 A study of a newly formed Chinese enterprise IFPSM Susanna Xin Xu 2003-2004
41 Problems and countermeasures for implementing Supply Chain Management in China IFPSM Qi Yan 2003-2004
42 Buyer expectations in small and medium enterprise interactions IFPSM Martin M. Zammit 2003-2004